Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar

  1. Performance/Practice:  To develop skills and practice habits in guitar playing in order to perform expressively with beautiful tone, rhythm, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, style, and intonation.   
  2. Listening:  To become sensitive listeners and to describe music intelligently through words. 
  3. Musicianship:  To understand musical structures and ideas including but not limited to notation, theory, and music in relation to history and culture. 
  4. General Procedures:  Follow daily rehearsal procedures.  Attend all performance obligations listed in the school instrumental music calendar.  Meet individual responsibilities for the care and maintenance of his/her instrument and music.  


Beginning Classical Guitar:  The primary focus of this ensemble is for players to develop correct technique and advance their ability to express themselves musically.  The goal of the ensemble is to prepare students to play in the Intermediate Classical Guitar Ensemble.   

Intermediate Classical Guitar: The intermediate classical guitar ensemble focuses on further developing the necessary skills for music making such as physical technique and music reading while playing an increasingly complex repertoire beautifully and expressively. 

Advanced Classical Guitar: This performing ensemble contains the top classical guitar players at Lamar Fine Arts Academy. The ensemble studies challenging pieces requiring high degrees of independence from all musicians.  This group will represent Lamar Fine Arts Academy at the UIL Concert and Sightreading Festival. They will be the representative ensemble for ALL AISD and Austin Classical Guitar (ACG) events.

Auditions for Prospective Classical Guitar Majors

Students who wish to audition for the classical guitar program must have previous experience with classical guitar performance and technique.  Beginning students must be prepared to play a single line melody or bass line in the first position.  Intermediate students must play a solo of similar difficulty to Pendulum Waltz by Matthew Hinsley.  Advanced students must play a solo at least as difficult as Light and Dark by Matthew Hinsley.  Students will also be asked to play a piece from written music (provided at the time of the audition) at a level determined by the guitar teacher.


For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Lamar Classical Guitar Faculty: 

David Conger, Director - - 512-841-5956