Visual Arts

Visual Arts

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The Visual Arts Program at Lamar Fine Arts Academy focuses on the development of technical skills in a variety of media. In the art program, students will learn new techniques and sharpen their skills while exploring artists and art history. Areas of visual art studies are: drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, screen-printing, 2D/3D design, sculpture and found art.

Visual Arts Coursework

Art MS 1 - Beginning Art: Offered as a yearlong class, this is Lamar's introductory visual arts class.

Art MS 2 - Intermediate Art: Offered as a yearlong class, and is open to students who have taken and passed beginning art (MS1).

Art MS 3 -Advanced  Art: is offered as a yearlong class and is open to 8th grade students who have taken and passed intermediate art (MS2).

HS Art I - Advanced Art (*High school credit)— Must have completed and passed 2 years of art. This course will prepare students who plan on taking advanced art classes in high school or who would like to work more independently, and with a variety of media. This is a high school credit course. 


          Visual Arts Auditions for Prospective Applicants

There are 2 parts to the audition process.

  1. Art Portfolio and Student Interview
    1. Art Portfolio: You will bring some of your current artwork (from 4th grade on) to your interview.  You should include a minimum of 6 – 10 current pieces of art showcasing examples of your work.  Please show a variety of work. This can include 2D (drawings and/or paintings from observation or abstract), printmaking, sculpting, ceramics, mobiles, screen-printing, and found art.  
    2. Student Interview:  While students are working on an in person drawing assessment, art teachers will come around and interview the students about their artwork, style, etc. 
  2. Audition Assessments: Assessments will be live with the art teachers. It will include a drawing and spatial awareness skill assessment. Teachers will give specific instructions for the drawing and spatial awareness skill assessment during the audition. 

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Lamar Visual Arts Faculty: 


James Perkins, Art Teacher - - 512-841-0666

Jenna Acevedo, Art Teacher - - 512-841-0666/0667

Michelle Tharp, Art Teacher - - 512-841-0666/0667