Dual Language

Lamar's two Dual Language teachers are Ana Espinosa-Sanchez and Cesar Taboada.

Dual language helps students excel academically while becoming bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. The program is committed to educating students in a multicultural learning environment and encouraging learners to celebrate diversity and become responsible citizens of the world. Dual-language students participate in a rigorous academic program that follows the AISD academic standards and curriculum.

The goals of Austin ISD's dual language program are for students to excel academically while becoming bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. Our middle school programs offer students at least two content courses taught in Spanish each year, including Spanish for Spanish Speakers and a core content class (science, social studies or math). An enhanced program provides an elective in Spanish as well. Dual language electives cannot take the place of Spanish language or literature classes or Spanish core content. The Spanish language and literature courses provide students high school credit in sixth, seventh and eighth grades, as well as the opportunity to take an AP Spanish assessment and receive AP college credit in eighth grade.

How to Enroll for Lamar’s Dual Language Academy!

Eligible students may now enroll in the Lamar Dual Language Program via the Austin ISD Middle School Dual Language Enrollment form. View step by step instructions below or access a pdf of these easy steps!

  1. Sign into the AISD Parent Cloud at my.austinisd.org

  2. In the search window, type "dual" to find the "Dual Language Application" tile with the superhero icon.

  3. Follow the easy steps to apply! Note: You may indicate more than one campus. This application serves as your transfer request.

  4. Check for a confirmation email.

  5. Be on the lookout for an admissions letter in mid-March with instructions about how to accept admissions.

Note: Austin ISD does not offer transportation for Dual Language transfer students.

Visit The Enrollment Page Here