Twilight School


Twilight will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6PM once it begins for the fall semester 2023. Due to the number of students who attended during the 2022 school year, we have instituted some new expectations in order to have a successful experience for all students. These are as follows:

  • Report to Twilight room immediately after school. Students will not be admitted late unless they have prior approval from Twilight staff. Students are allowed to leave early with parent/guardian permission.
  • Their ride must arrive no later than 6PM. A bus is provided with limited stops. Please see the attached bus route.

  • Students must bring assignments and a computer to complete work. Students will be asked to leave if they have no work to complete.

  • Quietly complete their work. If a student needs help, they can raise their hand and a teacher will assist them. If a student does not have work to complete, they will be asked to leave.

  • Follow all instructions from Twilight staff. If a student refuses to comply, they will be asked to leave.