“The Lamar Orchestra’s mission is to advance string education by encouraging the study and making of music by all, and to provide a strong foundation for a life of music making”

-Lamar Orchestra Mission Statement

The Lamar Middle School Orchestras are conducted by Erika Elder and Ricky Pringle. Our orchestra program offers students an Upper String Beginner Orchestra, Lower String Beginner Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra. We also offer the opportunity to participate in chamber groups during class time facilitated by the talented staff of Austin Chamber Music Center and an after school Fiddle Group coordinated by McCallum High School Orchestra students.

If you are interested in joining the amazing Lamar Orchestra program, it is never too late!

Orchestra students and parents are encouraged to connect with our program on our various online platforms including our website and parent Facebook page.


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Symphony Orchestra—This ensemble serves as our Varsity Orchestra in all competitions and represents the Orchestra program at Lamar at all showcases and other Fine Arts academy events.

Philharmonic Orchestra – This orchestra is made up of students who have previous experience on their instrument. Students are placed in this ensemble through a placement audition. It is the Non-Varsity Orchestra at all competitions.

Scottie Orchestra— This Orchestra is for beginners and no music experience is needed. This class provides the foundation for all of the other orchestras and is divided into upper and lower string classes.

Auditions for Prospective Orchestra Majors

Instrumentalists who audition for orchestra must bring their instrument and perform a prepared piece. The piece could be a solo, or music from a current orchestra, but should represent the student’s current level and ability.  It is not necessary to memorize the piece. The student should bring an extra copy of the piece for the director to see. The students will also be asked to play a short sight reading excerpt of written music. The sight reading excerpt will be presented to the student in the audition and will be at a level deemed appropriate by the director. Instruments include: violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Students who wish to begin learning an orchestra instrument upon entering Lamar can audition on piano.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to email the Lamar Orchestra Faculty: 

Maria Martell, Ochestra Director - maria.martell@austinisd.org