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Support services are available for every student in the school. These services include:

  • help with academic planning

  • career and occupational information

  • study organization skills

  • help with home, school, and/or social concerns

  • any questions the student may feel he/she would like to discuss with the counselor. 

If a student needs to meet with a counselor, the student may ask a teacher for permission or stop by during lunch.

While all of Lamar’s counselors proceed with appropriate action based on their professional judgment, they do not provide on-going therapy. If the counselor identifies a student in need of on-going services, the counselor will contact the parents with appropriate referrals.

8th Grade & Lead Counselor

Judith Berrean

(512) 414-4496

7th Grade Counselor

Alex Felan

(512) 414-4497

6th Grade & Bilingual Counselor

Jessica Jurado

(512) 414-4498

Counselor's Secretary 

Alex Gonzalez-Paxton

(512) 841-6012